How it works

Step 1

Select your favorite restaurant from the list provided (Look up your meal)

And Click on the search Button . You will be automatically redirected to the restaurtant's default page

Step 2

On getting to the restaurant’s page, the list of meals provided by the restaurant is displayed. Enter the required quantity you want

and click on to know the total amount of the ordered food. Click on to add the ordered items into your shopping cart.

Step 3

After Clicking on , a List of your ordered delicacies is shown for you to review
Once you are satisfied, Click on OR to confirm your order

Step 4

Login if you already have an account on beleful
or create an account if you don't have one by Clicking

Step 5

After Login Successful, You will be redirected to your user dashboard from where you can view past and present transactions. You will see your most recent order at the top with the delivery address

Click on to confirm the order or to cancel the order

Step 6

Select your payment method

You can either pay via Bank Deposit or Transfer by Clicking OR Payment on Delivery by Clicking

Click on to Complete the transaction

And the order would be placed automatically

N.B: As soon as the meal has been delivered, Please ensure you confirm the delivery by clicking on the on the transaction page